Made To Thrill
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Made To Thrill

Toyota 86


Made To Thrill, a Dubai Lynx and MENA Cristal award winning campaign featuring a 1 Million downloads app to launch and drive awareness of the all new Toyota 86 in the Middle East.

With a budget too small for TV we leveraged digital media (gaming apps, social media and online video) to tap into the high penetration of consumers on mobile devices and the region’s growing thirst for shareable content they can relate to.


TOYOTA 86 AR – Mobile App

Toyota 86 AR, an app for mobile and tablet devices – Bringing the Toyota 86 to life in peoples hands using the magic of augmented reality.

Creating the world’s largest augmented reality car using Toyota 86 AR

Download Toyota 86 AR for iOS and Android here.

THRILL CITY – Mobile App

Toyota 86 Thrill City enables users to take the Toyota 86 for a spin on the real streets of Google Maps (a 1st for mobile devices).

Download for iOS and Android