Dare To Dream
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Dare To Dream

Dolly Dare


Dolly Dare is a womens’ independent fashion brand specialising in quirky handmade dresses and accessories. In 2014 the brand was forced to close its boutique stores near Carnaby Street and in Spitalfields due to rent increases in these popular London areas. With no direct outlet to sell from the owner contacted me to develop an e-commerce site so they could relaunch the brand with an online store.

Several CMS’s were considered before a decision was made to build a responsive site around the Shopify platform. I felt this choice provided the most secure experience, as well as being the easiest to manage on a day-to-day basis from the owners perspective.

Key responsibilities and milestones:

– Customised chosen layout template to owners design specifications using CSS & HTML.
– Retouched and framed 550+ separate raw product photos.
– Catalogued an inventory of over 550+ separate products (and variants) into a CSV spreadsheet.
– Set up domain names, business email and customer mailing list.
– Integrated shopping experience with Dolly Dare Facebook page.
– Set up SEO
– Set up Google/Bing Webmaster and Analytics
– Trained owner how to use the Shopify CMS platform.